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Junebug, Skippy, Hershey, Dancer, Carmel Corn

So you want a Nigerian Dwarf goat? Here is some useful information that will help you decide if a goat is the right pet for you. Most goats cannot be house broken and therefore need adequate accommodations outside the home. They will need an area that is fenced and a small house to get out of the rain and strong sun. Also unlike a dog, a goat (like a sheep) is a herd animal and will therefore need other companionship besides a human so we recommend that you have at least two so they can have company for each other. These are some minimal requirements for the goats before I sell them to the appropriate families. Below are some great reference materials for you to read about Nigerian Dwarf Goats to see if this is the right pet for you.

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association
American Goat Society

Here are a couple of wonderful articles on miniature diary goats:

Goat Care (Cornerstone Farm)

If you are still interested in reserving a goat, you need to get on my wait list. I require $50 (non-refundable) deposit on each goat reserved. My breeding schedule is on this website. Goats range in prices from about $150 for a whether to $350 - $400 for a buck or a doe. They usually leave for new homes at 2 months of age. See our Sales Policy page for additional info.