Silver Oaks Ranch Kids (Born In 2007)
......Goaties with Aloha......

Carmelcorn's Babies
DAM: Shooting Star Carmelcorn
SIRE: Shooting Star Tyhpoon
DOB: 1/7/07
Sold to Jessica in Kau and Tony in Hilo!

Junebug's Babies
DAM: Junebug
SIRE: Mystiques Rocky
DOB: 2/20/07
Sold to Sally in Makawao!

Rosie's Babies
DAM: Rosie
SIRE: Mystiques Rocky
DOB: 3/17/07
Sold to Rose in Kea'au and Leslie in Holualoa!

Screamer's Babies
DAM: Screamer Goatie
SIRE: Mystiques Micky
DOB: 3/17/07
Sold to Leslie in Holualoa and Kerry in Hilo!

Ariel's Babies
DAM: Silver Oaks Ranch Ariel
SIRE: Shooting Star Typhoon
DOB: 3/26/07
Girl Sold to Kerry in Hilo!

Oreo's Babies
DAM: Silver Oaks Ranch Oreo
SIRE: Mystiques Micky
DOB: 4/11/07

Sugars Babies
DAM: Silver Oaks Ranch Sugar
SIRE: Mystiques Rocky
Kids: Sampson (right) and Dahlila - DOB: 7/05/07
Staying at Silver Oaks Ranch