Sales Policy

Carmel Corn and Her Two Buckskins (2004)

To reserve a KID, you need to place a $50.00 deposit. Once you place a deposit, your price is guaranteed. In the event that the kid is not the correct sex, or that you do not want the specific kid, you can apply the deposit to another kid. We cannot guarantee how long you will have to wait for another kid.

Once the kid is born and you have confirmed your agreement to purchase, there will be no return of deposit. It then becomes non-refundable. We allow a you a period of 48 hours after the kid is born to decide if you still wish to carry through with the purchase.

By eight weeks, all animals are required to be paid for in full before leaving the farm. For those who have bought a kid but are waiting for their companion animal to be weaned, we do not charge any board during this period. All kids need to be picked up within a reasonable time (by 8-9 weeks of age) or a boarding fee of $3.00 per day per animal may be charged.

When your goat leaves us, it will have had all its shots, be disbudded, microchipped and in good health. We cannot be responsible for its health after it leaves our farm. We keep a small herd and prefer to dam raise our kids. Silver Oaks Ranch will share with you it's health history, lineage and care. We want our buyers to be happy goat raisers. All our goats are handled frequently and are friendly. Note: We do not sell goats for consumption.

Silver Oaks Ranch reserves the right to cancel any sale at any time prior to pick-up should it be determined that the home is not safe and suitable for the kid(s).